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Why is Paper White?

Why is Paper White?

Paper is the most common material being used for writing upon, printing, and even for packaging. Papers are deemed to possess a versatile character because it can be used variously and creatively. It is indeed useful in many ways such as in industrial and construction processes and even in food preparations, which is commonly seen Asian culture. Attributed to the magnificent country of China, the invention of paper was first developed during the 2nd century AD. In its early beginnings, paper was used as a cheap and effective alternative to silk. As paper became prominently used in the country, it began to spread through the Islamic world and eventually entered the European era. It was during this time when innovations were made to make papermaking more mechanical and easy to produce.
The production of paper undergoes specific processes. Most paper comes from a variety of trees. Contained in all trees is cellulose that is the basic building fiber. Within each tree is a naturally produced adhesive known as lignin. The process of making paper is through the breaking down and reorganizing of fibers that can actually make paper exist in the industry. Harvested trees for papermaking are usually pulped mechanically or chemically. It is in the chemical pulping that makes paper white. When the fibers are freed from the dissolution of lignin through the mixture of chemicals, heat and pressure, bleach is added to further dissolve the lignin and in effect, makes fibers white. Additional bleaching may be done to make paper whiter. After final touches, the pulp is placed on sheets and is pressed together until paper is made and off for production.
Today, paper can be of many colors, sizes and shapes. Some even have interesting textures that makes letters and notices more eye-catching.


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