Why is Pearl a whale?

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“Pearl,” or “Pearl Krabs,” is a fictional cartoon character that sometimes appears on the hit cartoon show SpongeBob SquarePants.  Pearl’s character is portrayed as a teenage daughter of Captain Eugene Krabs, but fans of the show have always wondered how she became the daughter of Eugene Krabs when she herself is a Sperm whale.  Many people argue that Pearl should be a crab rather than a whale because the character of her father is a crab.  But by her looks alone, Pearl is indeed a Sperm whale and is referred to as “Eugene Crab’s daughter.”

Based on the SpongeBob Trivia Book, it was subtly explained that Pearl Krabs takes after her supposedly whale mother.  This part has not been actually discussed on any episode of the show which made many people wonder how Eugene Krabs got to have a whale daughter in the form of Pearl.  Because of this, many fans of the show have also assumed that Pearl’s mother should be a whale thereby justifying her appearance.  Some people have also speculated that Pearl may have been adopted by Eugene Krabs in the past.  Since Pearl Krabs is just a recurring character and not part of the regular and original cast, not much of her past life has been presented and discussed in the show.  This part of the show has even intrigued many fans making Pearl’s character popular in the Internet.

Various Internet searches are recorded just to get the reason why Pearl is a whale when her father is a crab.  Not many sites can explain the reason for this, and instead people will encounter various opinions and theories from other SpongeBob fans.  Some people also couldn’t care less whether Pearl is indeed a whale as the character concerned is not part of real life but, rather, part of a cartoon show.


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