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Why is pineapple good for you?

by Hari M


Pineapple is one of many fruits that is very rich in vitamin C.  Because of this content alone, health experts and dietitians worldwide consider pineapples as good for the body.  Vitamin C is considered a wonder vitamin and a great antioxidant since it helps prevent various ailments in the body.  When a person regularly gets vitamin C from pineapple, for example, he/she is said to have an improved immunity over the common cold and cough.  It is said that even if a person already has a cold or a cough, a person can still benefit from having the vitamin C from pineapple.  In its fresh fruit form or in a juice variant, one can still get lots of vitamin C from this healthy fruit.

And for those who have mucus and secretions, pineapple is also said to contain bromelain which is a good aid in terms of cough suppression and the loosening of mucus.  This is especially good news for people who have sinusitis and sore throats.  Bromelain is also known to be a good anti-inflammatory agent, and so people with some kinds of arthritis like gout are said to benefit from eating pineapple regularly.

Being a master anti-oxidant, the vitamin C in pineapples can help a person reach optimum health levels by means of protecting the body’s cells from the accumulation of free radicals.  These free radicals are the ones responsible for making a person sick and unhealthy.  And with lots of vitamin C in the bloodstream, the body is healthier and protected.  Because of this kind of protection from vitamin C coming from pineapples, certain conditions like asthma attacks, atherosclerosis, and colon cancer may be prevented.

But in order for people to get the full benefits of eating pineapple, like in terms of aiding proper digestion, pineapples should be eaten between meals and without other food items.

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