Why is Pink for girls and Blue for boys?

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Why is Pink for girls and Blue for boys?

It is discussed by people at some of the websites in the internet that assigning colors to the gender is a trait in 20th century. Earlier, when the color associations were used for identifying the genders, the colors were used reversal to the above for the genders. This reversal was considered as usual and normal in the early 20th century. Previously, pink was associated with boys (fierce) and blue was associated with girls.

The pink color was representation of boldness and the dramatic red that represented the roughness were used for boys. There was a common suggestion to all the mothers by the American Newspaper in 1914. Accordingly, if the mothers like to change the color of the child’s garments, pink can be used for boys and blue for girls as a mark of conventional usage. Many people had diversified opinions on this matter and it was a general rule that pink is accepted for boys and blue for girls. This is because pink is more strong color that is suitable for boy while blue indicates delicate and pretty which is suitable for girls.

Currently the prevailing uniform is made appropriate as pink for girls and blue for boys. This existed reverse till 1950s. Many websites and magazines used to loudly announce that blue is meant for girls and pink for boys. Some people say that Nazi Germany is associated with relationship of pink with girls. The conventional color representations were reversed by the Catholic traditions in the Germany as well as in other neighboring countries. In Germany, each of the colors were used to represent an issue or an event. Criminals, political prisoners, homosexuals were allotted with different colors and Virgin Mary was allotted with blue color. Likewise girls were associated with pink color according to Nazis.

After the World War II, the men were replaced in the industries and there was a large change in the portrayal of women in 50s. Girls were admonished to think pink, wear pink lipstick, drive pink car, buy pink materials and so on. The icon of feminity, Barbie was also made to wear mostly pink. The films had pink associated with ladies very much and the trend began to change slowly. Hence, it has become that pink is for girls and blue for boys.

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