Why Is Portsmouth Called Pompey?

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Why Is Portsmouth Called Pompey?

The reason for the nickname is still unclear. Even those that are born in Portsmouth are not able to tell why their place is called Pompey. There are different myths and theories on how Portsmouth got its nickname. Some of these myths came from the story about the Portsmouth Football team. It was believed during their time when the RA (Royal Artillery) was employed to join the parade. The roles being the fire Brigade or the Les Pompiers during the parade as they were called ‘Pompiers, and the name became popular since then.

Other myths refer to a few Portsmouth sailors who climbed the Pompey’s Pillar in Egypt. They were called the ‘Pompey Boys,. The name was then taken as they went back to their own city.
Some said that sailors and drunkards slang for Portsmouth was Pompey. Since the city houses a lot of sailors (it is a harbor city) the name was widely used during those times and everyone has learned its meaning. Pompey is easier to say than Portsmouth, this may be the main reason why the sailors and drunks insisted on using the name.

When the Portuguese escorted Princess Catherine of Braganza to be wed to Charles II, they noticed that Portsmouth was similar to Bombay (called Bom Bahia). They said that the place is similar to Bom Bahia and used the word Bom Bahia (which may had sounded Pompey to the English).

Myth after myth and tale after tale, as the story of how Portsmouth got its nickname became unclear over the years. Portsmouth is located on the south coast of England. Portsmouth is also called the ‘island city,. The city is well known for its docks and is a regular host for the royal navy during earlier times.

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