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Why is potassium good for you

Why is potassium good for you

Potassium is considered by numerous health experts as one of the most essential minerals that our body needed. It acts as an electrolyte that is good for the health together with sodium, chloride, magnesium, bicarbonate, and calcium. An electrolyte is a liquid element that produces electricity, it helps in the contraction of our muscles, regulates body fluids, and many other bodily processes that are necessary to ensure proper functioning of cells, heart, kidney, brain and other organs that is inside our body.

It has been found that 98% of potassium is present within the body organs and cells. And a balanced level of potassium in the blood depends on the amount of sodium and magnesium that are present in it.

Benefits of potassium:

  1. It improves nerve impulses that send out messages from one part of our body to another.
  2. It is concern in the proper development of our muscle tissues.
  3. It helps extract energy that comes out from the nutrients like fats, carbohydrates, and protein that people take in from food.
  4. It ensures our body of proper hydration.
  5. It is essential for the good functioning of our brain, which includes learning and memory, as potassium channels are important in sustaining the appropriate level of electrical conductivity inside the brain.
  6. And most importantly, potassium help prevents, or treat, numerous ailments that include anemia, anxiety, high blood pressure, stress, stroke and other heart related diseases, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), muscle cramps, kidney disorders, diabetes, hypoglycemia, obesity, bone loss, and extreme headaches among many others.

However, it should also be minded that having too much of potassium inside the body may lead to hyperkalemia, while having too little potassium causes hypokalemia. Both conditions are life threatening which is why expert’s advice is to have a balanced diet in order to ensure healthy living.


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