Why is Praise important?

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Why is praise important?

Praising a child or an adult will raise his confidence levels and keep up his self esteem. The self esteem in a person is important to be taken care of, as it is the basis for the development of positive qualities, abilities, values, and worth of a person. Praising the person helps to enhance his self esteem which will make them to come out of any depression. When a person is hurt by someone or have wrong image of him or considered bad by someone self esteem helps him to recover from all these. If a child is bullied by anyone or pressurized to involve in risky behavior, praising will help the child to get away from all these.

Praising the children for their intelligence and hard work will make them surprisingly to accept the willingness to do difficult works. Praising them will make them encouraged and allows them to achieve their goals. The recognition of the students and young people and praising them for their small achievements forms a clear cut impact on organizations and businesses. Praising can influence positively the creativeness in people as well as their relationship with others. Some people are in wrong notion that praising people can bring a sort of extreme satisfaction and then it can suppress the effectiveness of the people.

We praise when the work is completely and successfully done while encouragement is given to those who are putting maximum efforts. Praising God is an important concept of the devotees and praising helps the devotee to gain extreme satisfaction and happiness. Praising God before our fellow beings is glorifying His creation in front of Him. Praising God brings contentment and peace to us and we look at the life in a positive manner. Praising others for their very small achievements can avoid misunderstandings and damaged feelings. Praising by properly recognizing the abilities in others can make the act of praising to be meaningful. This can be done by presenting gifts to others for their special occasions, inviting others for dinner, reciting a poem on their behalf and amusing others.

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