Why Is Pride A Sin?

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Why Is Pride A Sin?

A lot of people will argue that ‘Pride, should not be considered as a sin. Being proud of yourself for your achievements and the likes is something that makes people feel confident and learn to respect themselves even more. The best question for this is when does Pride become a sin?

We all know that our talents, skills or abilities are given to us by God. It is through him on how we are able to accomplish these achievements. It is ok to have a little pride in yourself, but don’t forget to thank god for what he has given you. Pride only becomes a sin, when you think that you are above God and you forget that god was the one that gave you those talents.

A good story would be the story of the greatest angel created by God, the angel Lucifer. He was the most beautiful, most skilled and most intelligent among his angels. He became obsessed by his own talents and challenged god. He was then banished from the heavens and he created hell. It is the place where sinners go and pay for their sins. The torture chamber of souls that was not able to find god’s light and had not accepted his forgiveness.

When you study the word ‘Pride, you will notice that the middle word is ‘I,. It refers to yourself or what you think of yourself. The moment you think ‘too highly, of yourself then that is when other forms of malice form in your head. Things like, I am better than anyone else, richer than anyone, more beautiful than anyone. The idea of comparing yourself to a god is even possible due to that self esteem of yours. This is the thing that you ‘MUST NOT, ever think off.

Be proud of the things that you have like family, friends and talents. But don’t forget to thank God for giving them to you.

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