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Why is Prince Philip not king?

Why is Prince Philip not king?

Born to the Greek and Danish royal families, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is the spouse of Queen Elizabeth II. Born on June 10, 1921, the only son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg is a native of Greece. In his childhood, he spent it with his grandmother at Kensington Palace, where he also gained his formal education. At the young age of 18, he joined the naval service and graduated as the top cadet of his chosen course. After his acclaimed achievements in the navy, he decided to be wed on November 20, 1947 to Princess Elizabeth. As a consort to the Queen, he fully gave his support and performed exemplary duties and responsibilities in approval of the Queen. All through the passing years, Prince Philip established an image of keenness, friendliness and compassion to his work.
However, many people wonder why Prince Philip remain to be a prince and not king despite the fact that his wife is already a proclaimed Queen. In a monarchal system, reigning kings and queens are labeled as king regnant or queen regnant. The spouse of a king is then labeled to be the queen consort. However, for the spouse of a queen, this name is not applied because it is the wife who takes the rank and title of the husband. This is to prevent overpowering of the spouse towards the queen in terms of official rank. Therefore, Prince Philip remains to be called a prince since it is his wife who is in charge of ruling the country.
Although Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is not proclaimed to be king, his support and palpable efforts together with the Queen are more than enough for him to be called one.


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