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Why is Puerto Rico famous?

Puerto Rico is a country that is part of the Caribbean group of islands.  It is officially a commonwealth territory of the U.S. and functions not as an independent country but rather as part of the U.S. government’s jurisdiction.  With its location alone, Puerto Rico is considered a famous travel and business destination for both North and South Americans.

As a travel destination, Puerto Rico is famous for its white sand beaches and tropical climate.  Travelers around the world have always considered countries with year-round summer as paradise.  Puerto Rico is also no exception when it comes to the world’s most beautiful beaches along with world-class service from hospitable Puerto Ricans.  The country also boasts of world-class facilities including its airports, sea ports, and hotels, among many others.

Puerto Rico is also famous for being successful in the Ms. Universe pageants that are held annually.  At least five Puerto Ricans were already crowned as Ms. Universe, and many others were also chosen as finalists and semifinalists in previous years of joining the competition.  And aside from beauty pageants, Puerto Ricans have also made their country famous because of their influence in the entertainment industry that is largely based in the U.S.  Various artists that have reached celebrity status have Puerto Rican roots, and these include the likes of Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez among many others.

Puerto Rico is also a famous metropolitan city in the whole of the Caribbean region.  And with its close proximity to the U.S. along with its commonwealth status, it has become a popular business and tourism destination for many Americans.  The country is also a favorite shopping destination in the Caribbean as it houses large malls and shopping complexes.  And, most of all, the Puerto Rican culture and way of life is what attracts visitors the most.  The people are famous for being hospitable and fun-loving which is good news for all tourists.


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