Why is Pythagoras important?

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Why is Pythagoras important?

Pythagoras is one of the most important persons in the field of Mathematics.  He is a Greek philosopher, a religious teacher, and a scientist. He developed a school of thoughts in his early life.  He was known for establishing a school in Croton and there he formed a group or followers.  However, another group forced Pythagoras’ sect to die down.

He has religious teachings which were also considered very significant.  He taught that the soul undergoes a cycle.  It does not die and will only free from that cycle if the life is purified.

He pointed out that the kind of life we have will determine our salvation.  His philosophical teachings does not emphasize only on intellectual search for truth but on the whole life itself.  He believed that life of human can be born again in the body of animals and the cycle will just go on.

Pythoreans (the group of Pythagoras) introduced dualism which states that life can be controlled by opposite forces.  Pythagoras also said that even numbers can solve the mysteries in the universe.  His mathematical teachings presented two contradictory forces, the limited and the unlimited.

To sum up what has Pythagoras has contributed to mankind which made him an important person, here is a list of his ideas and teachings:
1.  He invented the Pythagorean Theorem which can be used in right triangles.  This theorem can be used to get the length of the third side of the triangle even if only the length of two sides is given.
2. He founded a group called mathematikoi.  The group has beliefs that spiritual purification can be achieved if rules are obeyed strictly.
3. Lastly, Pythagoras gave importance to numbers and symbols because he believed that there are mystical meanings behind those codes.

With Pythagoras’ accomplishments, the world of math was changed tremendously.

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