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Why Is Quartz Used In Watches?

Why Is Quartz Used In Watches?

Considering that you have studied the Periodic Table of Elements back in your grade school Science class or high school Chemistry class you probably would not have known that one of the chemicals there that is called Silicon Dioxide is the same as the quartz crystals that we use in the watches that we wear during our day-to-day activities. For our information, quartz it’s a type of hard mineral which can be found in generous amounts all over the earth. It is made up of oxygen and silica. This crystalline mineral is actually the most common of all minerals on earth since it makes up a good percentage of the earth’s inner layers. Since mother earth is affluent in such mineral, it is used in a broad variety things such as scientific studies, technology and industrial jobs, jewelry making, manufacturing, construction and of course for its most famous use, in the making of watches. In addition, Silicone Dioxide or quartz is actually the same crystal like material that is used in the production of some radios, processors and many others.

Nonetheless, what are these almost invisible pieces of crystal doing in our watches and clocks? What is it for? The answer is quite simple. The combination of silica and oxygen has the capacity to produce energy when placed under mechanical stress thus regulating the movements of a watch or clock. What makes it all the more interesting is that it is actually this quartz element that makes your time very accurate and efficient in telling how many seconds, minutes and hours have already passed.

As of today, scientists have already found a way of making this lucrative element into a more synthetic form. Take for example your very own wristwatch. Nowadays, research has found a way to produce and create specialized synthetic quartzes to fit specific frequencies for a particular watch’s unique functions!


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