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Why Is Queen Elizabeth on Canadian Money?

Why Is Queen Elizabeth on Canadian Money?

Canada is known as the second largest country in the world by total area. Also called an independent nation, many still ask the reason behind the face of Queen Elizabeth II in their currency. At one point in time Canada has been part of the British Empire. The monarchy of Canada is the constitutional system of government on which the monarch acts as the head of the state. Queen Elizabeth is considered as the ‘Queen of Canada,, even though it is not part of the British colony any longer.

In the year 1867, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec united to form the Dominion of Canada, also referred as the country ‘within, the British Empire. Although it has been given its independence, the control of the foreign policy will still reside with the UK.

In 1931, completion of the Statue of Westminster symbolizes that the powers (Whether political in nature or not) had been transferred to Canada. Still, it was unclear in that point of history if the influence of the Crown has been removed from the country itself.

The year 1982 however, was considered as the Independence Day of Canada. Canada controls everything within her own nation. The Crown and British Parliament has given up all their hold on the country and all ties were cut on that year.

Canada holds a parliamentary democracy, a constitutional monarchy and is a Federation. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of Canada. The ‘Canadian, Monarch and not the British one reign over Canada.

Given her title, it is only natural that she is present in the Canadian currency. Her image can be seen on Canadian coins as well as the $20 bill. The Canadian coin that represents the Queen is known to have four varieties. No other rule has been known to have more variations on the coins, as the queen does.


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