Why is RAM expensive?

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Why is RAM expensive?

The DDR2 RAM was the previously used device which costs around $60. Today, as the processors like i5 and i7 are accessible in the market, the suitable RAM for them is DDR3. There is more demand for DDR2 now as the manufacturing is not done in large numbers. Due to more demand for this RAM, it might have become so expensive. The average cost of DDR3 RAM is about $75 to $100. When there was transition from DDR to DDR2, DDR was very expensive as DDR2 was used in most of the recent motherboards. Now, when DDR3 was extensively used in the motherboards, DDR2 was not used in the recent systems. Therefore, DDR2 RAM is very expensive.

There is an opinion in the public that the prices of the computer parts and devices have gone up and especially RAM. During the recession period the manufacturers of RAM might have reduced the production of RAM and similar devices. As the supply was less ad demand was more, RAM became expensive. Now that the recession is gradually decreasing the prices that are going up might be reduced gradually again.

The price of RAM depends also on its type and size. Generally 512MB RAM costs around $15 to $20 while 1GB RAM costs around $40 to $50. To buy a computer with better configuration, the RAM should be set which will suit the requirements of the software loaded into it. The presence of RAM is important for the computer. If the RAM is not functioning properly, your computer will not begin working. Some believe that RAM that is inexpensive will create disturbances in your applications and thus, expensive RAM is more efficient. But cheap RAM does not mean that it is bad. RAM might be considered bad if the faulty program is dealt by it and giving us trouble. So buying the device from a reliable supplier is a solution for this problem and this can be expensive most of the times.

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