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Why is Rhode Island called Rhode Island?

Why is Rhode Island called Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is one of the States in the U.S. Although it is not really an island, it has lots of bays and inlets that’s why it is also carries the nickname The Ocean State”.

Rhode Island’s official name is State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. The name was derived from its two colonies – the Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations. Providence Plantations was founded by Roger Williams and the Rhode Island was originally named as Aquideck Island where the second settlement was founded.

History says that Aquideck Island was compared to the Greek Island of Rhodes. It was Giovanni da Verrazzano, an explorer, who saw the presence of the island near a bay. Later on, the settlers, thinking it was Actually Aquideck that is being referred by Verrazzano as Rhode Island, they just adopted that name. In 1646, the name Isle of Rodes” was seen being used in legal documents.

There is another version why Rhode Island is called as such. In 1627, a Dutch explorer named Adriaen Block described Aquidneck Island as an island of reddish appearance because when he passed by the place, the whole island appears to have been tinted with red because of the red clay in some parts of the seashore. The island was then called Red Island or Roode Eylant” in Dutch.

If you try to look at the map closely, the portion that connects Connecticut and Massachusetts is where the colony of Providence Plantations was founded. On the lower part of the state is the Rhode Island which is composed of series of islets, inlets, and bays.

Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is the longest official name of any states in the US. There was a move before that Providence Plantations will be deleted but then the people voted that the original name will be kept.


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