Why is running good for you?

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Why is running good for you?

Health is wealth and to be healthy, we need to exercise daily to stretch our muscles and drop our unwanted fats. One best way to do this is running.

Running is good for us because of important reasons:

  1. It’s not only the best way to lose weight but it also activates our heart. When we run, our heart is trained to handle cardiovascular exercises.  This will help strengthen our heart making it pump blood regularly and properly.
  2. Running also strengthen our bones. If we run regularly, our bones become resistant to heavy and difficult activities. Our posture will be improved, too making us look more confident and fit.
  3. Another benefit of running is to achieve balance. When we run, we usually hurdle obstacles along the road. This will improve our sense of rhythm, direction, and speed.
  4. Running causes us to sweat a lot which means, toxins in our body and excess fluid will be excreted naturally. This would bring us more energy and clean lifestyle.
  5. When we run, our body is well-shaped and toned. Our waist becomes narrower giving us a sexier appearance.
  6. Aside from the health benefits of running, it also improves our outlook in life. After running, we have this feeling of being energized and refreshed. This helps us unload stress and negative energy in our body. The less stress we have, the more vibrant we are in dealing with life.
  7. Running also develops our social life. When we have this habit of going out early in the morning and run, we can meet circle of friends who also appreciate running as a form of exercise. We can build connections and we can gain exercise pals who later will become our best buddies.

Running is indeed good for us physically, psychologically, mentally, and socially. So if you want to achieve a holistic personality, start running now.

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