Why is running good for you?

Why is running good for you?

Running is a form of exercise where the feet are in the air at once that goes steadily by springing steps. Running was primarily used by hunters years back, around 4-6 million years, to escape from predators, to relay messages and even to fight for a battle. As time evolved, running paved its way to be one of the sports to be participated in during the Olympics. And today, it has become the most preferred exercise activity among all age groups.

Many health experts have claimed that running is a great form of exercise that helps in the maintenance of all body functions. Along with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, the benefits one can get from running are more than the number of one’s fingers and toes.

Running is a perfect exercise for the heart. As this activity stimulates the heart to pump blood adequately, it also signals the brain to release certain chemicals that helps elevate one’s mood and energy. That simply means regular running can leave you positively radiant throughout the day. In addition to this, running tones and builds up the muscles of the body and strengthen the ability of the lungs to expand and recoil. As a result, the body is able to endure greater oxygen demand than any regular human being. To top it all off, running approximately burns 400-600 calories depending on the intensity of the run. That is, as you run, you reduce the amount of fat in your body and lose some weight.

Indeed, running is one of the best exercises anyone can engage into. Aside from the fact that it requires no special skills, human beings are sure to benefit from it in different aspects such as health, appearance and one’s perception of self.

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