Why is safari so slow?

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Why is safari so slow?

The Safari web browser is the Apple’s tool which is made by advanced Java script and shows fast rendering of HTML. The browser has simple interface and is user friendly. But, people are finding the browser to be slow. There might be several reasons for the browser to be slow on the Macintosh.

The DNS servers that are provided for the internet connection are done by internet service provider. The connection speed and downloading performance will depend on the configuration of the servers. The network traffic in the servers and the other programs running in your system apart from the browser also play role in making the browser slow. The presence of open DNS servers to the system can make the browser to function rapidly. The browser functioning will be fastened due to the IP addresses being recognized by your system and not the domain names. Hence, the web pages will all be loaded properly with high speed.

Sometimes the resources of the application can be corrupted to slow down the performance of it. Apple has arranged for an option called ‘Reset Safari ‘which helps in resetting the corrupt Safari browser. Resetting resources of Safari can also be done manually. This will remove all the unnecessary files and make the browser to work faster. The option ‘Reset Safari, allows the browser to remove the system cache which may clear off any faults that can show bad effect on Safari’s performance. The cache that is created might make the browser to become slow. Clearing the cache will enhance the speed.

The wrong functioning of plug-ins also can cause the browser to become slow. The browser will be slow especially when it is downloading the image files, PDF files, media files or movie files. It is better to remove the third party plug-ins to make the browser work with speed. In general, deleting the caches, clearing the history, not running many applications simultaneously and removing all the cookies will make the browser to work fast and not to slow down.

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