Why is Salvia legal?

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Why is Salvia legal?

Many people had been debating on the reason ‘why, Marijuana is illegal and Salvia is legal. The reason maybe due to the ‘longetivity, of the drugs effects in our system. Marijuana usually lasts for a few hours and Salvia only lasts for a few minutes. Salvia divinorum is a medicinal herb, like marijuana it increases one’s state of awareness but it is not addictive, so the authorities classified it as a minor risk to public safety.

The real problem lies on how the drug is used. Marijuana is considered as an important drug used for medicinal purposes. The abuse of using it is what makes it addictive. You should keep in mind that overuse of ‘any drug, is considered harmful to the body. It is more on the fault of the people that uses the drug that makes it harmful and not the drug itself.

While Salvia may be less addictive and less powerful, the regulation for its use and distribution must be kept strict and within the rules of society. Vendors should have detailed information for the ‘rightful, dosage and use of the drug. Salvia when sold in large quantities or ‘bulk, can be dangerous to an individual. Selling the drug to minors is strictly prohibited.

There are new laws that are imposed to those that recklessly use the drug and cause disturbance to the safety of the public. There are people that smoke, drink alcohol to relieve stress and use Salvia on a regular basis. Prescription of the drug lies on the responsibilities of doctors, physicians and psychiatrist. They are authorized to prescribe the drug if they deem it necessary for the betterment of their patient.

Scientifically speaking, the herb is safe and non addictive. In fact, it holds great promise in creating medications that will be useful to cure different diseases. The use of Salvia divinorum may significantly change in the future, as more people deem the drug to be dangerous to one’s health and state of mind.

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