Why is Samuel Adams important ?

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Talking about Samuel Adams refers to the history of the America. The personnel Samuel Adams is one of the significant character of history and thus a very important figure carrying out quiet a few characteristics within. Born on September 27, 1722 in Boston & completing his education in Masters of Arts from Harvard, he went on to write history with his very own hands.

The main reason of his being important is, he is remembered as a signer of the declaration of the independence of the United states of America. A very prominent figure of the 18th century said to start the revolution from his hometown, Boston. Samuel Adams led a revolutionary movement that later became the most important tool of shaping the political trend of united states.

Like many other famous and important peoples in the history, Samuel Adams life was a controversial one too. Though he belonged from a political family at first stages of life he didn’t start as a politician. It is said that he was a business man and tax collector before getting himself associated with politics. There are remarks made that he was unsuccessful in his business and job life though any direct record from Adams is yet to be recorded in the history if he regarded himself as unsuccessful in these sphere of life.
He is also very important for the cause of causing Boston Massacre which was actually a resistance of the colonies against the then British Empire that imposed taxes as they liked. The concept of united thirteen colonies was influenced by Samuel Adams and one of his colleagues. It is assumed that it is his resistance that resulted in ‘Boston Tea Party’. Phrases like ‘Founding father of the united states’ & ‘political philosopher’ has been used to recall this man of importance.

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