Why is Santa called Santa?

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Santa is the name of Santa Claus. Santa Claus is otherwise known as Saint Nicholas or Father Christmas or is simply called Santa. Santa Claus is the mythological, legendary, and historical figure who is known to bring lots of gifts to children in the nighttime hours of Christmas Eve. The Santa Claus figure which is seen in modern times is said to have originated from the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas.  This Sinterklaas figure might have originated from the historical figure which gives gifts known as Saint Nicholas. Santa Claus is pictured as a cheerful and joyous man with a white beard who wears a red coat along with white collar and cuffs. He has red trousers that are white cuffed along with black leather boots and belt.

People believe that Santa Claus will prepare a list of the children all over the world and classify them according to their nature and behavior. He will give presents to the children including candy and toys to those who are well-behaved. He is also believed to offer coal to the naughty children. Therefore, the representations of Saint Nicholas and Sinterklaas are from history and folklore mingled with the character created by the British called Father Christmas. From this merging was created a new character known to the Americans and Britons as Santa Claus.

As years have passed by in the 19th century, the dressing of Santa Claus has evolved to make him look as a large and heavyset individual. A cartoonist in America has first created an image of Santa Claus, and this picture was published in Harper’s Weekly in the year 1863. Later, the images of Santa were further popularized by the Haddon Sundblom’s work of his picture for the Coca-Cola Company. The book by the name The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus written by Frank Baum and published in the year 1902 created some more popularity for Santa.

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