Why is Shakespeare called the bard?

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Why is Shakespeare called the bard?

Aside from the Royal Family, William Shakespeare is probably the most iconic personality known to England. He is also referred to as The King of the Shadows¬ primarily because of his mysterious past and that only little information is identified about him. But among any other names, Shakespeare is popularly dubbed as The Bard which befits him for being recognized as England’s national poet and for being one of the world’s greatest writers that ever lived. Of Avon was also added to his title for the reason that he was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, thus creating the nickname the Bard of Avon.

The term Bard is a borrowed word with Scottish Gaelic origin that refers to a professional poet, usually travelling, who was hired to write eulogies for people like monarchs and noblemen during the medieval era. However, if a lord fails to compensate the appropriate amount, bards would then create a satire. They are often comparable to minstrels, rhapsodes, skalds, and scops of the Indo-European civilization.

Shakespeare’s works consists of 38 plays some were said to be collaborations, 154 sonnets, 6 narrative poems, and 2 lost plays. His plays are categorized as comedies, histories, and tragedies. But, what makes Shakespeare’s work exceptional during his time is that he was able to blend the three classes into his works bringing comedy into tragedy, ordinary issues with history, and seriousness with humor which put up a standard in writing plays from then and until now.

In addition, Shakespeare’s literary works are brilliant because it was able to surpass time and culture. His works were translated in different languages and are continuously performed in theaters around the world. It is also adopted into films and being studied at school as part of literature class. Plus, William Shakespeare’s words and phrases even influenced the English language. With all the praise and recognition that William Shakespeare has and continuously getting, it is no wonder why he attained the title as the Bard.

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