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Why is Shockwave Flash crashing?

Shockwave Flash is a software that allows for video playback on Web browsers. Since it handles video, it means that quite a big file is processed for a particular file to be viewed properly.  A video file may be as short as a few seconds but could be long enough to drain the battery of a computer , for example.  Because of the large file that may be involved in viewing a video file through Shockwave Flash, there is also a big tendency for it to crash or stop working.

But aside from the video file being too large to be handled by Shockwave Flash, there are also other possible instances that may cause this particular program to crash and stop working.  In the case of Web browsers, there may be problems with the necessary plug-it files that are needed to play the video file.  Plug-its may be outdated or corrupt which make it difficult for the browser to view the file properly.  For outdated plug-its, browsers may be updated regularly for this purpose.

There are also browsers that have built-in Shockwave Flash players to handle video content. But even if the built-in software contains the latest file updates, there may also be times where the program will crash.  Under standard conditions, Shockwave Flash will run using files originally installed on the computer’s operating software and not through the built-in program on the browser used by the person.  With this configuration, there may be times that the Shockwave Flash player or application itself will get lost in terms of which files to use for playing a certain video file.  When this happens, then the application will crash.

The user’s Internet connection may also play a role in making the Shockwave Flash program crash.  If the connection is too slow, video files may stop uploading and/or downloading and eventually stop playing or working.


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