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Why is Sorting important?

Why is Sorting important?

Sorting is literally defined as the process of putting things in order. It is more often used in the confines of organization and management as well as in keeping things in clean, sequential and orderly approach on things. For other people, sorting may come in two ways. It may be an ordering process or a categorizing method. Ordering means to arrange items of the same kind, class, nature, etc. in some ordered sequence while categorizing means to group and label items with similar properties together. Sorting techniques are greatly employed in almost all types and kinds of processes, methods and procedures. It is much employed among business firms, manufacturing industries, industrial institutions, schools, markets, libraries, and many more. This widely used technique is also very much implemented within the confines of one’s household.
Sorting technique is one important tool of making things in proper order and in accordance to what one prefers things to be organized. For most firms and institutions, sorting provides them the opportunity to put things in order and to allay any confusions or disagreements that may precipitate due to lack of order. Sorting is important because it allows one to know where materials and important papers can be found, especially during rough and tough times such as in emergency meeting or abrupt call of attention or discussions. In almost all aspects and fields, sorting is one important tool. It is deemed to be important because it teaches people how to deal things in proper sequence and order. It also provides one the opportunity to maintain and sustain an orderly manner of running things and facilitating events and gatherings. In the fields of mathematics, sciences, philosophy and almost all confines of human existence, the technique of sorting is undoubtedly effective, efficient and convenient.


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