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Why is South Korea and North Korea fighting?

Why is South Korea and North Korea fighting?

Ever since the Korean War happened in the 1950s, the two Korean countries were not in good terms anymore. Political issues and military conflict were considered as one reason why South Korea and North Korea are always fighting. It was in 1953 when Korea was divided as peninsula that took place in the 38th parallel. The US troops occupied the Southern part while the Soviet troops occupied the Northern part. Until then, the two countries were considered as territorial adversaries.

North Korea is a communist country and it was known to be the ally of Russia. Since Russia is known for making weapons, this allied country also supplies North Korea weapons which threatened South Korea. Just recently, North Korea even dropped bombs on South Korea which killed 4 people. North Korea wanted to declare war against South Korea because the northern peninsula wanted to invade its southern neighbor.

With the all-out war threat of North Korea, many thought that WWIII is about to happen. South Korea, on the other hand, is being protected by the US and even ordered North Korea to apologize for the attack. South Korean President was not happy about this and even warned North Korea that the country has to pay the price.

Many historical analysts said that what is happening between the two peninsulas is a repeat of the history 60 years before. It seems that the strife never ends. Even if there is already an agreement between North and South Korea, both countries still fight and the Korean War did not even bring peaceful arrangements between the peninsulas. It even divided the Korea even worse because there is a conflict between the types of government – North Korea for communism and South Korea for democracy. When there is a clash between political systems, then it is always expected that disagreement will arise resulting to war and chaos.


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