Why is space travel important?

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Why is space travel important?

When we talk about satellites, rockets were manufactured in 1950s without any focus on a particular issue. They did not know that rockets were made to carry out communications fast, or to perform broadcasting, to exchange information and data rapidly. The rockets manufactured one after the other after a certain period of time resulted in the launching of satellite called Sputnik. Later on, many satellites were launched and placed into the various orbits of the earth. Most of the satellites have significant role in monitoring and influencing our daily needs and activities.

Satellites were made for many applications like finding out periodic weather information, for communications, for studying the environment, for dealing with electronics at micro level, and in household usage of plastics. Space travel has made us to excel on the earth and prove the human potentiality. Potentiality could be achieved efficiently through exploration of space. Though there are so many other problems that have to be addressed to on earth, space travel cannot be pushed back to the last priority. The invention of wheel has been used in making carriages and gradually into automobiles. Wright brothers felt the need to use this technology and make the body of the object to fly. If this has not been done, the space travel and our dreams to fly might have been just a dream. But, flying in the air and into the space has become a fact that has emerged beyond the science fiction.

Travelling in space to reach Mars is not just to know about the resources and life on that planet. The journey towards space will lead to many discoveries and in learning many things that come in between as hurdles. Space travel can be made constructive and useful when good space craft is used, alternative fuel is used and when the reusable launching rockets are utilized. If there is any natural disaster occurs suddenly on the earth at any location, airplanes can help the people of that location to be safely shifted to some other places. Space travel research can come of use in such situations. The discovery of biggest lunar cave by Indian space craft is a big achievement of space traveling.

Space travel is done mainly to advance the education in science, to study more in environmental science, to manage the population on earth, to extend our natural resources with those that might be available at some other places, to understand the perspective of visualizing earth from the large space.

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