Why is Spring the Best season?

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Why is Spring the Best season?

In most climactic regions of the world, there is said to exist four seasons that change throughout the course of time. The four calendar seasons are known as winter, spring, summer and fall. According to the study of meteorology and astronomy, the change of seasons takes place depending on the specific value of temperature that may vary on an annual basis. As defined on a general concept, the three coldest months are considered the winter season, the hottest three as the summer season, and the gaps that occur in between the change of winter and summer are called spring and fall.
Focusing on the season of spring, this type of season occurs when the Earth’s axis is favorably tilting towards the face of the Sun making days longer than to coincide with the atmosphere. This becomes the perfect time for new plants to grow, for seeds to sprout and for flowers to bloom. This becomes the great time for nature to spring forth”. Thus, the season’s name is spring. Although the season of spring starts off at various dates among countries experiencing such climate, spring season is one of the most highly appreciated and recognized by most people. Many individuals even consider it as the best season of all because it brings new hope, a sign of rebirth and a form of renewal to plants, animals, man and even nature. For most people, the season of spring is the best season because the temperature is just adequate. It’s neither too warm nor too cold. More so, spring encourages one to encourage into playful activities and enjoy the weather and nature itself.
Spring is indeed the best season among the four because it brings color to life through the blooming flowers and the green environment.

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