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Why is Stem Cell research controversial?

Why is Stem Cell research controversial?

The stem cell controversy is totally related to the creation of the embryo cells, their utilization and annihilation of embryonic cells. The controversy in this issue is mostly related to the embryonic stem cells. All the stem cells are not involved in creation and destruction of embryos. Few of them like adult stem cells cannot be involved in formation and demolition of embryos of the humans. Hence, the adult stem cells are not at all controversial.

A stem cell research will grow the new organ or part of the body. The research done by the stem cell can revert back any damage or disease. Stem cells are of two types. One of them is embryonic stem cells obtained from Blastocyst. A Blastocyst is the group of cells formed from the fertilized egg cell even before embryo is formed. The other types of cells are called as adult stem cells. The adult stem cells are selected from developed organisms. So, they are not as vigorous as that of embryonic stem cells.

The controversy about the stem cell research is that the fertilized human egg cell is utilized for stem cell research and hence it will be killed. If the egg cell is not killed, it would have grown into a new human being. At present the stem cell researchers are making use of the embryos which were not used for growing into adult human. During the treatment of infertility, several embryos will be generated by the doctors to implant them in women who could not bear the child. In this case, the best embryo will be chosen for successful implantation in the women’s womb. The rest of them will be used for stem cell research instead of throwing them or wasting them.

So, here the fertilized egg cells are being killed and it is considered as equal to the killing of human life. But the case of adult stem cell research has become so popular because it did not cause much harm to the human life. The United States government is ready to sponsor for adult stem cell research. Though United States government encourages the abortion of the embryo, it does not encourage funding to damage the fertilized eggs before embryo formation.


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