Why is Texting while driving dangerous?

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Why is Texting while driving dangerous?

There are already accident reports concerning texting while driving. Some victims were brought to the hospital because of fatal injury and some even died.

In driving any vehicle, it’s important to have focus especially if you are in a speedy highway. When you drive, you are using all our senses to be aware of what’s going around such as when you should use the brakes, when you would stop, when you would go, where are you going to, and how can you overtake. Things like that needed utmost attention and concentration.

However, there are hard-headed drivers who thought they can accomplish multi tasks. Being confident with their expertise in driving, they don’t find it dangerous to text while they drive. There are already thousands of cases of people who suffered great injury because of texting while driving. It’s either they bump into something or someone or they lose track of their direction. What’s even worse is that they don’t only suffer but also the person they bump into. Since they are busy texting, they don’t see anymore the people crossing the street. They got engrossed in texting to realize that they already killed somebody.

Teenagers usually do the texting while driving. They could not wait anymore to reply. They find it time consuming to stop and text or to just wait until they reach their destination. They thought they own the road and it is just safe to text while driving.

To avoid this problem, the best solution is to turn off the cell phone so that it could not disturb you while you drive. You can also stop and park if the message is really that important. If you have companions, let them answer the phone for you. Don’t risk your life with a single text. Afterall your life is more precious than the messages you received.

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