Why Is the iPhone So Popular?

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Why Is the iPhone So Popular?

iPhone: the newest craze sweeping the world. Why is it so popular? There are a few reasons.

First, its made by Apple, Inc. Everyone knows that Apple Geeks can’t get enough of Apple products, so there’s a whole demographic category enamored to the iPhone already. Mac lovers can’t help but buy the newest Apple product, and the iPhone is no exception: its sleek and sexy design, the multitude of functions, and of course, the Application Store. This just fits so well into the status and level that Apple is so used to maintaining. And the Apps, because they are made by others and then brought together into one location, continue to grow and adapt, bringing millions of apps to the iPhone that Apple doesn’t have to constantly worry about developing.

But what about for non- Apple lovers? Why do they love the Apple iPhone so much? The answer is simply because of many of the same reasons. As a multi-touch touch screen device, there are so many opportunities for apps for almost any business, occupation, or hobby ‘š and not to mention games. Because the platform is so versatile, very simple programs can make the whole thing much easier to use. The difference between the iPhone and other phones is that it can constantly change and update, with new and old applications alike, whereas most other phones cannot do so much. They have very static applications: web browsing, email, texting, phone, probably a date book, alarm clock, and if your lucky, music programs that you have to pay extra for. Not only does all this come standard for the iPhone, but it is integrated with the iPod, so not only does it have music capabilities already compatible with your iTunes, but it can also do all sorts of movies, television, and Podcasts ‘š everything the iPod can do.

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