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Why is tuna called chicken of the sea?

Tuna is one of many saltwater fishes that thrive in many parts of the world especially in countries where the oceans are warm. It is also one of the most popular fish varieties in various cuisines around the world. The best thing about tuna is its size with many varieties growing up to 15 feet with some weighing more than 1500 pounds. Huge tuna simply means plenty of meat to create a variety of dishes. Many people also love the taste of tuna and often refer to it as the so-called “chicken of the sea”. For most people, this nickname for tuna originated from the fact that “Chicken of the Sea” is actually a popular brand of canned tuna products. Whenever this particular brand is mentioned, many people would instantly think of canned tuna.

The brand “Chicken of the Sea” has its headquarters in San Diego and produces various canned seafood items including tuna, clams, and other fish varieties. Corned tuna though is probably the most popular product under this brand name and it the nickname or moniker has stuck to many people’s minds. Whenever tuna is mentioned, “chicken of the sea” is frequently added along with it. There are also people who liken the tuna’s meat and taste as similar to chicken and this has further increased the popularity of this fish variety as the so-called chicken of the sea.
Aside from the brand name itself, “Chicken of the sea” referring to tuna also has some historical origins. The company behind the brand also explains that this moniker rooted from fishermen of long ago who likened the albacore type of tuna to chicken. Back in those days, the fishermen viewed the albacore tuna’s white meat as very similar to chicken in terms of appearance and taste. With this story from their own fishermen, the company’s founder eventually used “Chicken of the Sea” as branding for their canned tuna products as well as their other seafood-based items.


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