Why is Twilight awful?

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Why is Twilight awful?

The creation of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series is definitely not something that can entertain the public. I mean, children might read the book once, or watch the movie once, but the topic itself is not an all-time block buster. The mere concept is not to be entertained and followed among the people. It is really appalling on the part of the movie, which is far beyond the way that horror stories would convey to the people.

Stephen King, who is known as one of the great writers, commented on the work of Twilight, and its writer. He says that Stephen Meyer is not worthy of writing for the less experienced section of the population. He also says that her characters are on the verge of sexuality; ready to explore, but not yet experience it. The story of Twilight is filled with dangers faced by young people. It also tells us about forbidden relationships and forbidden sex.

From another angle, the writer is probably telling the girl population to be involved in safe love and sex. The story is a bit awful, but tends to be thrilling and exciting when we hear about it for the first time. It is, of course, also not very threatening, but does give us extremely bitter feelings to digest about the role of the young girl. The act of transformation of major roles in the story to wild animals and blood eating devils is in itself terrible to many people.

People generally would expect a soothing journey for a young girl who falls in love, and expect the situations to come that teach her to learn things right away in her life. However, this story seems to convey dreadful and unhappy moments of the young girl’s journey, all through the story.

One thing that turns out to be good in the story, is the good behavior of the vampire man towards the girl with whom he falls in love. So, his love for her has made him to do good things, like saving her from many bad situations.

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