Why is twitter popular?

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Why is twitter popular?

Twitter is a social networking site operated by twitter incorporation. It was started on 15th of July, 2006. This website also offers micro-blogging service. The small messages and small information that is sent and read through this site are termed as ‘tweets,. Micro-blogging is sending very small information like small messages, images and video links. Micro-blogging is also used to promote this website and to promote collaboration with an organization and so on. These posts in twitter are allowed to be of size 140 characters.

Messages can be restricted to be seen by only certain people and they can also be made public. Tweets can be sent and received through any compatible external application or SMS. The service for sending the short message through SMS is free while it costs in the case of phone service. Though twitter is based in San Francisco, it has its offices and servers in San Antonio, Texas and Boston and Massachusetts.

This website has around 190 million users all over the world. This site is otherwise called as SMS of internet. Twitter has become so popular worldwide due to its internet SMS service. The actual popularity in large scale was observed during ‘South by Southwest festival, in 2007. During this period the number of tweets that were sent through this site increased drastically per day. Twitter has arranged for two big plasma screens which were kept in the festival exclusively to exchange the messages. The festival went on well and was totally ruled by twitter. Twitter staff received the web award for their contribution in the festival.

Twitter again was in hot news when an off-earth message was sent through twitter service by NASA astronaut, T.J. Creamer on 22nd January, 2010. On 14th of September, 2010 twitter has released the modified twitter site which was designed again with some changes. Month after month the number of tweets sent through this site kept on increasing. The site has grown from 22nd position in the list of social networking sites to the third position. The site has become still more popular by allowing the users to see pictures, videos and so on. The FIFA world cup fans used twitter message service during the world cup season and made it still more popular.

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