Why Is US A Superpower?

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Why Is US A Superpower?

United States of America shortly referred to as US or USA is considered as a superpower nation. It has stayed on top for decades and centuries. If anyone be known as a citizen from the US, brings superiority, regard and security. A nation so powerful that can greatly influence a person who wanted to live a better life in an American dream. Why is US named as a superpower? What greatness does it have to have claimed that title for so long?

United States of American, first and foremost has a rich and stable economy. An estimated growth of 3.5% a year in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or income, in reference to the world’s GDP growth is at 4% per year. See the difference a nation can do alone compared to a collective economic growth of the whole world.

Another is the fact that the US, are creators of original household or domestic brands that continuously penetrates not just the American market but internationally as well. Brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Google and Microsoft to name a few. US have a military force which is extensive, that is very much capable to defend itself from threat and has the capability to wage wars with other nation.

On education, the US has big and outstanding universities in reference to standards. From 20 top universities of the world, 17 of which are universities situated in the US. It is the home of great inventors, the leader in entertainment and culture that has influenced the rest of the world.

These are the characteristics that the United States of America has to be considered a superpower nation. These characteristics are yet insurmountable by any aspiring nation to have. It could take a great deal of change, miracle to be like the US. Truly one of a kind and reigns supreme in his thrown.

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