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Why is Venice sinking?

Why is Venice sinking?

Venice is a city in Northern Italy which is known to be good location for both tourism and industry. Venice is the capital of the territory Veneto which has the population of 2, 72,000. Venice, Italy is one of the beautiful cities in the world. It is generally said that Venice in Italy should be visited along with the loved one. As per the latest reports it can be said that Venice has to be visited before it disappears totally into the waters. It is reported that this city is sinking slowly. It is also found that the level of the sea is gradually rising around it.

Venice was constructed on the marshy lands of the island which has sedimentary soil. This city is situated within the lagoon at the coast of Italy. Attila the Hun who was the then king of the region invaded Italy in 452 AD. He forced the people living in Italy to leave to the coast. The islands that are situated in the center of the lagoon were called as Rivo Alto or high bank. This region gradually expanded and Ri-Alto later transformed into Venice center. Global warming is another hazard for the cities lying in the coastal areas where the icecaps melt and raise the water levels in those cities.

Venice appears now as haphazard collection of several canals rather than a city with regularly arranged roads. There are taxis and Gondalas which help the people to move from the city to the other shore as well as Vice Versa. The water levels surrounding the city are increasing and the problem of flooding can start at any time. This might lead to the sinking of the Venice city. It was observed that the Piazza San Marco, the lowest area of this island sometimes will get flooded due to intensive high tides. During the season when many high tides arise in the waters surrounding the city, it happens most of the time that the city streets will be filled with water. The government should take care that wooden walk ways are arranged for the pedestrians to walk without any problem. The problem seems to be growing and the governors are looking at this as a critical obstacle.


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