Why is vocabulary important?

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Why is vocabulary important?

In today’s society, a variety of words suddenly exist which, if looked up on a dictionary, cannot be found or defined. Many words exist and different words are uttered even if the meaning is not clearly stipulated. Words increase in number but vocabulary and understanding depreciates. It is important therefore, that one’s vocabulary be molded and honed from a solid foundation.

Vocabulary is one of the essential pillars towards understanding. A person equipped with a large and wide spectrum of vocabulary is a man becoming wise. If more words are known and interpreted, the bigger the capacity and the chance to know more, to explore further and to discover greater things. One’s vocabulary is not a measure of what one knows but it indicates the level on how one perceives things. Yes, people judge others by their looks and how they carry themselves but what poses a greater impact is on the words that come from their mouths. One can have the highest rank in a company but that does not mean that that man has rich vocabulary.

Vocabulary therefore, is vital to man’s existence. It allows people to communicate and express one’s perceptions, may it be through reading, writing or speaking. Widening one’s vocabulary is limitless. The more the words get interesting, the more the mind will be stimulated to work and the desire to learn begins to spark.

Vocabulary is absolutely significant to each people’s lives, especially in this growing society. Many people delve into arguments and misunderstandings primarily because they don’t understand what the words mean. Some even resort to killing each other because of incomprehensible words.

With this, no one can argue how the power of words affects lives. That is why vocabulary is of an essence to make people’s lives better.

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