Why is war necessary?

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There is a separate thinking and mental strategy for each one of us to deal with the situations in the world. There are so many duties and responsibilities for humans explained by various religious groups. Some people tend to show the world their own peculiar way of living different from all other religious verses. Whatever may be the life style of the person, it would be all right and peaceful until the person  harms another. There are many desires, demands, and cravings for various resources among the people of a family, state, or nation, or even among the people living in different countries.

This world has many natural resources provided by nature distributed all over. If one location has tremendous water resources, the other location will be rich in oil. There are some places where people die of hunger while some people at other places live luxuriously with resources available more than what they need. It is the basic necessity for mankind to help each other and live together. It is beautiful to see the world where the natural resources of two regions are shared by the people living in those regions.

The idea of war starts from a small issue and later gets portrayed as an international problem. The war arises to satisfy the selfish ends of a person or a country as a whole. If the problems of a country are looked into with patience, and if they are resolved gradually no matter the time it may take for the resolution, wars can be avoided. People of two countries, or people of two states or two people in a family, can come to an understanding by discussions and bring in peace. To make peace, whether it is at the individual level or an international level, the basic characteristic of either party is to possess a feeling of brotherhood and positivity. This will help all the people to live with harmony and peace.

There are people like Mahatma Gandhi who turned the other cheek when one of his cheeks was slapped. There are also people like Hitler, Saddam Hussein, etc. who created wars to satisfy their egos. The ego-led wars always end with lot of destruction. “Wars” by definition refer to “destruction.” If we think in terms of the good for all mankind, wars are not necessary. Any big problem can be solved by being together and fight against the evils of negativity which exist in the minds of people who vote for war.

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