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Why is water important?

Why is water important?

Water is very important both to human life and the ecosystem.

Water is essential to the environment because it helps regulate the temperature of both the land and sea, creating a healthy environment for all. It also affects the weather and climate creating clouds which cause rain, snow or hail.

Plants and animals need water to survive. Of course if there is no water, marine and aquatic life would be impossible.

Water is a superb solvent. Its ability to dissolve other substances is important to the ecosystem. Water is used to transport nutrients and minerals to cells. It is also used for digesting and excretion of toxic wastes.

Water expands when frozen. This makes it less dense which is why ice floats. This is important because it protects the water underneath by insulating it, keeping it from freezing. If it was denser, ice would sink freezing the water around it. As it sinks, it freezes another part of the water until all water across the whole surface of the earth will be frozen thus resulting in a frozen planet.

Water is very important to man. According to experts, man can survive for two months without eating, but only a few days without water. Water is very essential to our daily activities. We use it for drinking; cooking; bathing, washing and cleaning; recreation and transporting ships, boats, cargoes and people.

Water is also vital for the human system. It helps regulate body temperature through perspiration especially when we have a fever or when the weather is hot and insulates our bodies when the weather is cold. It regulates the blood pressure by balancing the electrolytes. It is also an important part of tears, sweat, urine and human saliva. It keeps our eyes, mouth, nasal passages and skin moisturized. It works as a shock absorber for our organs and it lubricates our joints enabling us to move comfortably.

In school, we learned that 70% of the earth’s surface is made up of water; man is composed of 75% water and the human blood is composed of 90% water. Water is very vital for the survival of all life here on earth. Without it, life would be impossible. So let us do our best not to waste it and instead conserve it.


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