Why is Whaling bad?

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Why is Whaling bad?

Several international debates on the issue of whaling happened regarding the sustenance and conservation of this species. The debates were also dealing with the cetacean intelligence and the suffering with which the animals were undergoing while harvesting these animals from the sea. The dead samples of whales taken from the sea which were used for scientific research purpose were included in the quota used for commercial purpose. This issue was discussed after the international whaling commission was held n 1986. The whaling in fisheries was considered as controlling whales which might show negative influence on the fish stocks. This matter was also debated very much in the international meetings.

Whaling is bad as whales are on the verge of extinction. When there are so many other food sources available, it is really not fair to go after the animals that are at the end of extinction. The demand for meat of whale in Japan led to the stacking of whale meat in cold storage. The government aided marketing agency persuaded the public that whaling is both culturally and economically important to Japan. The whaling business is considered as bad for a normal business man as it makes him to produce something that is unsustainable.

There was a recent scandal on whale meat that the activists belonging to Greenpeace Japan proved that the whale meat was stolen by the crew of the Japanese whaling factory ship called Nisshin Maru. The whale meat was found to have been sold illegally by the crew members for the sake of their personal profit with the money spent by Japanese taxpayer. The corruption in the whaling industry resulted in the Japanese people to develop bad impression on the whaling industry. Whale meat being very costly was having 23.5kg of meat which costs around $3000 in each of the boxes. Each of the crew members received 20 boxes.

The number one digital camera called Canon used to sponsor programmes related to advertisement for wildlife. But, Canon was supporting whaling despite people asking to stand against whaling. Proper awareness and loyalty towards wild life protection will make people to understand the importance of whales and consider the whaling business as bad.

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