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Why is wheatgrass good for you?

Wheatgrass is derived from the seeds of the common wheat plant.  Many people encounter wheatgrass as a health food or food supplement in the form of juice or juice powder.  Being derived from nature itself makes people consider wheatgrass as good for one’s health and best for the body.  With its reputation as a health food, wheatgrass supplements have become popular in many countries.

One good effect of wheatgrass on the body is for the red blood cells.  Studies have shown that wheatgrass helps in the production of more red blood cells in the body and thereby assists in the transport of oxygen in the bloodstream.  With this effect for the red blood cells, wheatgrass also helps to lower blood pressure.  This is especially good news for people who are hypertensive and those with heart disease.

The nutrient content of wheatgrass also makes it a very healthy food choice.  Many nutritionists recommend wheatgrass supplements for people who wish to have a more natural source of vitamins and minerals like Vitamins C and E and minerals like carotene among many others.  These various nutrients help every organ in the body perform its functions efficiently.  These nutrients also help the body in terms of toxin elimination.  With many free radicals floating in the bloodstream, a regular consumption of wheatgrass will help flush them out for optimum cleansing.  The amino acid content in wheat grass also helps in the body’s growth and cell development processes.  Bodybuilders, for example, consider wheatgrass a great supplement because of its amino acid content that specifically aids in cell repair and regeneration.

Wheatgrass is also good for a variety of other conditions like: itchy skin, hair and scalp damage, insect bites, rashes, wounds, and many others.  With its wide use in the health and medical industry, the popularity of wheatgrass supplements has continuously grown.


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