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Why is White Bread bad for you?

Why is White Bread bad for you?

We eat bread everyday. In fact, it is already included in our daily diet. But then, there is something alarming with bread especially white bread! Eating white bread is hazardous to our health. Why? White bread is made from white flour which is not healthy and does not contain nutrients and dietary fiber.

White flour is produced from whole wheat grain which undergoes a lot of processes. The bran of the grain which contains the nutrients is removed. To produce the white grain, it is bleached using chemicals that contain chlorine. This would then remove the nutritional value of the grain. As the powder is produced, gluten is added which causes the loaf to rise. Sometimes, more air fills the loaf which lessens the dietary benefits of the bread. White bread also contains sugar and salt which is not good to our blood circulation.

White bread is bad for us because of the carbohydrate content. Too much carbohydrates means high level of sugar content. If we eat food rich in sugar, it can trigger our insulin. This would then cause diabetes because there is an imbalance amount of sugar in the body. White bread can also increase our bad cholesterol. LDL cholesterol can cause artery blockage which may result to stroke or heart attack.

Our metabolism is also affected by eating white bread. White bread does not contain fiber so it is difficult to eliminate. By eating white bread, the ingredients, if not digested well, will form into fats that might accumulate in the belly leading to rapid weight gain. This is the reason why white bread is not advisable to eat if you are losing weight. Lack of fiber can also cause colon cancer because the waste is not excreted properly from our intestines. So if you want to stay healthy, stop eating white bread.


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