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Why is Wipeout filmed in Argentina?

Why is Wipeout filmed in Argentina?

Total Wipeout is a gameshow produced in Britain but shot in Argentina. It is hosted by Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram. There are 20 contestants for a week wherein each of them competes by undergoing a lot of challenges. Some of these challenges are TightRope Terror, Walk of Shame, Sucker Punch, Big Red Balls, Cradles of Doom, The Sweeper, Dizzy Dummy, etc.

There are valid reasons why wipeout is filmed in Argentina and not in UK. First is the weather. Argentina is not very cold and snowy compared with UK. Its average temperature is 17.5 degrees Celsius which is ideal enough for outdoor activities just like WipeOut. There are also enough sunny days in Argentina which is also one factor why the show is filmed there.

Another reason is the health, safety, and insurance issues. UK is very strict in terms of accidents. There are lawsuits passed even if you are just injured in the finger. In a program like WipeOut, there are a lot of injuries caused by the obstacles. If these happen in UK, then the program will probably be facing hundred of lawsuits as of now. Argentina is most convenient because it is really not harsh in applying laws regarding health and safety of its citizens so the program can have more freedom in pursuing its programming. Actually, the programs already caused 1 casualty while doing the challenges.

Total Wipeout is a licensed version of Endemol’s WipeOut that originated in the US in 2008. Total was added to the title so as not to confuse with that of the British version. The aim of Total Wipeout is to give entertainment to the viewers and also to test the survival skill of the contestants.

Total Wipeout may be a dangerous show but then a lot of people find time to watch this because it’s fun and amusing.


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