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Why is writing important?

Why is writing important?

The first skill that we learn in school is writing. Before we start to read, we’re first taught how to write. We start off with the letters of the alphabet then our names. Later on to our first word; followed by a single phrase then a sentence until we get to the paragraph.

So what makes this skill important?

  • All valid and credible information are written and published as books or manuals. As much as we want to credit oral information, our society relies more on what is written.
  • Writing is another form of communication. A person may express himself ‚ his thoughts, feelings, ideas and opinions through writing. What we usually can’t say we tend to write instead especially when we’re trying to convey long and detailed information to a number of people.
  • Writing can boost your confidence and self-worth.
  • Writing can help you improve your thinking and communication skills for when writing, you need to have a wide scope of imagination and a broad mind. It also helps you evaluate the competence of your ideas and arguments.
  • It also helps you in assessing your English writing skills. It’s easier to check for grammatical errors in written forms than listening to a speech.
  • Writing can be used a reminder tool. Most people tend to write things so that they would not forget about it. Examples of these are memos and announcements or diaries and journals.
  • Writing is very important when finding a career. A well-written resume with good content and no grammatical errors can add to your credibility when applying for a job.
  • Writing is also important when it comes to business matters. In order to avoid any misunderstandings and fraud, business transactions are finalized by sending written proposals. Contracts, project proposals and business e-mails reflect the company’s reputation so it should be well-written in order to avoid possible rejection.
  • A good writing skill is very important nowadays because of the development of the World Wide Web. A lot of people are now communicating online through various social networks, blog sites and forum sites. A lot of new business ideas and jobs which require writing skills are also emerging such as affiliate marketing, article writing, blogging, forum discussions, e-book writing etc.

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