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Why is Yahoo Mail not working?

Why is Yahoo Mail not working?

There was some problem with yahoo mail reported by many users in various blogs on 26th April, 2010. Whenever the yahoo mail is getting loaded it was taking much longer and ultimately saying that the page is not displayed or loaded. Some people revealed that their paid yahoo accounts were down and their free accounts were working fine. Almost few thousands of people seem to have faced problem with yahoo mail. They all expected a warning that should have been given by the yahoo.

Probably yahoo website administration was planning to make some updations in the servers, and this could have been the reason for the site to be held up for some time. They seem to have given every one other links which can be used for accessing the mail temporarily. Those links were http://us.m.yahoo.com/p/mail or http://uk.m.yahoo.com/p/mail or http://id.m.yahoo.com/p/mail.

The yahoo mail was not been accessed due to some reasons. The account login will fail to be accessed if the login-ID and password will not match. The login-ID will be always displayed in the box while the password has to be typed. The password that is to be entered should match with the login-ID which is the key combination. The password in the yahoo mail is case sensitive. Entering the password with letters in wrong case might also give you problem in getting inside. There are some phishing pages which look exactly like the yahoo page and prompt you to enter the password. If you enter your password by mistake in that website it is necessary to change your password immediately by going to the actual yahoo page. This phishing websites will not transfer you to the yahoo page. Entering yahoo login ID and password correctly will help you to enter into mail easily.

The major reasons that might obstruct you to open yahoo mail any day will be as follows. There might be some problem with internet connection or the firewall might be inhibiting the access to yahoo mail or there might be some repair work or updations going on in the site and the site might have been under maintenance for some time or your current account might have been hacked.


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