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Why Is Zero Called Love In Tennis?

Why Is Zero Called Love In Tennis?

Are you and avid fan of Maria Sharapova or the Williams sisters, or Carlos Agassi for that matter? If you’re an avid fan on anyone of them, this comes to show how you love tennis as a sport. You have a great deal of passion for the sport.

One may get sleep less nights just to catch live tournaments or replay tournaments on television or follow an idol’s tournament, all for the love of the sport and the star tennis player. The love for the sport would move a person to get to know the in and out of the sport, as to basic rules, violations and scoring. The basic thing to be remembered in a tennis game is it can be played by singles category, one against one or doubles, played by 2 members of each opposing team. In scoring the game, you would hear terms like, love which is zero, deuce is used to say when they are tied to a score and advantage if the player has an edge of a point to the other.

But did you ever wonder, why if your idol score’s zero the referee would call it love? How ironic its called love when the score means nothing? What does this mean?

Tennis is a sport originated in France. With this, the French calls the word zero in their term known as ‘l’eouf. The word ‘l’eouf in French means egg which symbolizes the shape of the number zero. But this certain word was pronounced as love which sounds similar to the French term. Thus eventually, zero in tennis score became love, but did not take the literal meaning of it. Although you know that the word love is a corruption to the French term ‘l’eouf, your advantage is, you know what it really means.


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