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Why LSU is called Death Valley?

by Hari M


Why LSUÃ’šÃ‚ is called Death Valley?

Tiger stadium at LSU (Louisiana state university) is the outdoor stadium situated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Tiger stadium is considered as the best for the Louisiana State University football games. The name of this stadium previously was deaf valley and it has got the nickname later as ‘Death valley,. It was called as Death Valley as there was large cheering during games. Recently it is called as Death Valley due to some misunderstanding. About 85 years back Tiger stadium at LSU had the capacity of 12,000 people. Now it has risen to a level of accommodating around 92,400 people. If the stadium is filled totally then it can be called as sixth largest city in terms of population in the Louisiana state.

The deaf valley name was given to this stadium earlier in order to differentiate it from the other university stadium called Clemson memorial stadium. When the national games were telecast on television played by Louisiana University against Auburn in 2003, the ESPN channel has recorded the sound levels as 119 decibels in the Tiger stadium at few time periods in the total game time. When the University of Louisiana played against University of Florida in 2007 October 6th the CBS channel recorded the noise levels in the stadium as 130 decibels. This noise levels were known to have made this stadium as second loudest college stadium next to the Husky stadium in Seattle at Washington.

The common cheering sound made by the tiger fans is ‘Geaux Tigers,. ‘Geaux’ is pronounced as ‘Go’. They criticize the opposing team players as ‘tiger bait,. Death Valley is the name that was given to Clemson’s stadium for the first time. This name was later applied to LSU accidentally. LSU supporters started calling their stadium as ‘deaf valley, due to the huge levels of noises for cheering during the game. Gradually the reporters, television and other media have transformed the deaf valley to Death Valley which was incorrectly referred and remained as such thereafter.

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