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Why Obama should not be president?

Why Obama should not be president?

There are many arguments against Obama as the American President which say that he is not suitable for the position. Obama getting the Nobel peace prize was believed by many people as merely an achievement by comparison, and not by his own greatness. Had the world not suffered for eight years due to George Bush, Obama would not have been accepted as a peace loving personality. The reasons for Obama not to be the American President are:

Obama had minimal overall experience in politics before he became the President. He spent only 143 days in senate before his campaign for presidency.

Obama wants to sit down and calmly deal with dictators like Kim Jong II, Ahmadinejad, and Chavez who tyrannically want to destroy America. Obama wants to maintain peace, and try to convince those who do not like to listen to him anymore.

Obama’s idea of raising taxes for rich companies has slowed down the production of those companies. His idea of extending UN money for battling against poverty by raising taxes in the US is condemned by some people. It is the argument of the people that raising taxes will not add revenue to the treasury. This was also practiced by Mr. John F Kennedy, as well as Mr. Bush; that cutting off tax improved the State’s economy.

Obama tried to have ties with William Ayers, who is part of a communist group.

It is said that Obama does not cover his heart for pledge, and does not wear the US flag pin consistently. He did not allow domestic drilling for getting oil. Ironically, in one of his campaign speeches, he said that he visited 57 states, when only 50 states exist in the United States.


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