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Why Ovaries hurt?

Why ovaries hurt?

Ovaries are organs only found within the women’s body. It is the primary reproductive system that releases the cell, known as the egg cell, to unite with a sperm if it is present. Ovaries are the counterpart of testes, which are found only in males. Ovaries are found to be oval in shape and are located to either side of the pelvis laterally. Aside from releasing egg cells every month, another function of the ovaries is to release two hormones specific to the reproductive growth of women. Estrogen is one hormone released that is mainly responsible for the development of the secondary sex characteristics of females when the puberty starts to set in. progesterone, on the other hand, works with estrogen in maintaining balance in the menstrual cycle of women and in cases of pregnancy.
Part of a woman’s menstrual cycle is the phase known as the ovulation phase. During the phase of ovulation, the basic units of female reproductive system, scientifically called the ovarian follicles, mature and at some point ruptures to release the ovum or the egg cell. Once the egg cells are released, ovulation has taken place. For some women, their ovulation phase may be detected by physical symptoms and the most common of which is the ovulation pain. Otherwise known as Mittelschmerz, which is a German term for middle pain, ovulation pain may occur on either side of the body or just on one side and is usually felt when time of ovulation gets near. This is the most common reason why ovaries hurt.
However, if the ovaries hurt frequently and is more than the usual period, it may be caused by others factors. Ovarian cysts are found to be another common why ovaries hurt. In cases like these, medical attention is needed.


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