Why Paris is called the City of Lights?

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Why Paris is called the City of Lights?

The highest lit city in the world is Paris and so it is known as The City of Light”. In the year 1828, Paris started lighting the Champs De Elysees with lamps filled with gas. Paris was the first city in Europe to light the gas lamps. Due to the lamps lit by the Paris, this city was nicknamed as The City of Light” or La Ville-Lumiere”. In the earlier days Paris was not filled with lights. It was really a curse to them and the people used to be frightened to go out for a walk during the nights.

At the time of thirteenth century, under the ruling of Philip the Fair, Paris was having three lights all together. During the period of the kings Louis XII, Henri II and Francois I at around fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, there was a rule put forward by these people. The rule was that every house in Paris must keep a candle near the window, facing the street. This was ordered to solve the problem of dark streets. This rule was at last not empowered. There was lot of insecurity all over the Paris due to the absence of sufficient lighting.

In the year 1662, there were certain lights available in the street corners for lending purpose. People could pay something to take those lanterns home. After sometime, lights were raised in the streets to some extent. By the year 1892, several gas lights were installed all over the Paris in the form of a network. This city is not called as city of lights as wattage was put out from Eiffel Tower in the every day evening. The lights in Paris were represented by the intellectual residents who transformed this city as world famous one. They used to bring other artists, sculptors and writers collectively to this place. Paris is called as city of lights due to the intellectually rich and eminent people living in the city. It is also said so because it is beautiful.

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