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Why People Get Tattoos?

Why People Get Tattoos?

There are countless reasons that motivate people to imprint permanent images on their bodies. Since the early 90s tattoos were socially acceptable in Australia. Still people below the age of 18 in South Australia have committed an offence by getting a tattoo unless it is done with a doctor’s advice. It is found from the studies in the history that tattooing was observed on a frozen body 9000 years old. Christians used tattoos as symbols of recognition.

In the early 19th century tattoos were popular with criminals and the working class of Britain and US. Recently the negative image on tattooing is removed and people started considering it as symbol of individuality. Some of the reasons why people want to have tattoos are:

1. To see their body appear beautiful to their eyes.

2. To show that they are following a way of life or belong to a group.

3. To show everyone about an important event.

4. To express individuality.

5. To say that they have come to an age.

6. In memory of their close friends out of love.

7. Parents putting tattoos of their children names on their bodies to celebrate child’s birthday.

8. Sports people putting tattoos of their team.

9. Military people putting them in memory of their contemporary soldiers who lost their lives.

10. For religious purposes, getting Jesus and Mary’s images as tattoos on their body.

There are many health risks associated with tattoos. They are in fact a painful process and seem to be expensive to remove. Even after removal , they leave scars behind. Tattooing may lead to skin infections, dermatitis, allergic reactions and so on. Some people sometimes regret having got tattoos on their body. This might be because there is no valid reason behind tattooing but just for temporary satisfaction and devilish passion for it.

People generally go to tattoo parlors in ordering to get these tattoos done. When getting a tattoo done, make sure it is done in a sterile environment to help avoid any type of infection.


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